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Santa Fe Development - Fayetteville, NC

Arrowhead Boulevard and Tanger Outlet Mall - Mebane, NC

Myrtle Grove Development - Carolina Beach, NC

Compass Pointe Development - Brunswick County, NC

Forum at Tallahassee – Tallahassee, FL

Gerber Village Mixed-use Development - Asheville, NC

Harper Road Commercial Development - Beckley, WV

Kilnsea Village Transportation Services - North Charleston, SC

Santa Fe Development - Fayetteville, NC

DAVENPORT provided full construction documents for this interchange modification project. The scope of services included widening of Santa Fe Drive for approximately 1.5 miles, as well as the addition of two new loops on the interchange (shown above).

All design components were completed in accordance with NCDOT Roadway Design Standards, and in fact because the roject was so large, the plans were reviewed by the Roadway Design team. DAVENPORT’s involvement in the $4 million dollar roadway improvement project included capacity analysis, concept roadway design, cost estimating, final roadway and sidewalk design, pedestrian accommodation design, grading, stormwater management, erosion and sedimentation control. Services also included traffic signal design, cable routing, interchange planning and design, signal system interconnect and CCTV/ITS camera design.

DAVENPORT also provided services such as signing, pavement marking, construction documents and permitting, bid services and related construction support. Having acquired the necessary approvals of NCDOT with minimal feedback, DAVENPORT delivered a set of plans and completed the project on a short timeline (60 days after the notice to proceed).


Arrowhead Boulevard and Tanger Outlet Mall - Mebane, NC

DAVENPORT's five-plus-year relationship with the developers of this 212-acre mixed-use development began with a simple traffic impact analysis (TIA). DAVENPORT's TIA was so creative and comprehensive that it allowed the speculative development to prevail in the early stages even when the outlook was grim. DAVENPORT worked with developers, City of Mebane and NCDOT each step along the way providing traffic, transportation and other engineering services. In its entirety DAVENPORT's role included new roadways; roadway widening and interchange improvements; signal design; signal timing plans; and traffic control plans as well as utilities, drainage and construction management at Mebane Oaks Road and I-40/85. Today this development includes a 50-store outlet mall with four restaurants and two hotels along with a medical center.



NCDOT required a transportation impact analysis (TIA) to determine the effect of a proposed commercial development on Carolina Beach Road. DAVENPORT was contacted by the developer to provide that TIA. As the development progressed, DAVENPORT was retained for roadway design, traffic signal design, and signal system timing services for the roadway improvements identified by the TIA.

DAVENPORT’s Solution

The TIA’s initial improvements recommended adding dual left turn lanes on the southbound and westbound approaches. This “traditional solution” would have resulted in a six (6) lane section on the retail center entrance, and would have required the purchase of a $3,000,000 outparcel. DAVENPORT developed a creative, cost effective solution to the intersection mitigation issues. A superstreet concept was utilized on US 421 (Carolina Beach Road) as an innovative approach to improving the safety and efficiency of this major corridor. The superstreet design also incorporated an emergency vehicle crossing with emergency vehicle preemption signal operation for the Myrtle Grove Fire Department.


Compass Pointe Residential Development - Brunswick County, NC

The proposed plan to develop this site included approximately 5,300 residential and retirement homes. The development proposed two major access points to US 74/76 which was anticipated to become a future interstate; therefore, expertise in transportation engineering design was a major emphasis of this project.

DAVENPORT was contracted to perform a transportation impact analysis, master planning for public improvements, public informational meetings, and phased engineering planning. In addition, specialized design features were designed to maintain current functionality of this primary highway which included the standard superstreet, reverse superstreet, and roundabouts.

Detailed design plans for grading, drainage and erosion control, roadway geometry, pavement marking, signing, and traffic control were developed. DAVENPORT coordinated with NCDENR and NCDOT to secure permitting of the proposed roadway improvements. Timing was of the essence in order to meet commitments for a grand opening.

Part of the master planning for this development resulted in multiple conceptual designs for a future interchange to allow for additional development of the surrounding properties. Alternative designs were created to mitigate impacts from existing environmental issues and the adjacent railroad right of way restrictions.

One of the plan sheets featured below is a “Bowtie” roundabout design. This particular design was developed as an alternative to handle traffic volumes. This decision was made in lieu of widening an overpass bridge, which would have been necessary with the use of typical signalized intersections. The plan sheet featured above is a conceptual design for a “single point diamond” interchange design created to minimize impacts on adjacent wetlands and the railroad right of way.



DAVENPORT was obtained to perform traffic engineering services for the proposed Forum at Tallahassee apartment complex located on W. Tennessee Street in Tallahassee, FL. This development consists of student-oriented apartments with 782 bedrooms and is located in the vicinity of Florida State University (FSU) and Tallahassee Community College (TCC). This area currently experiences heavy traffic congestion with the annual average daily traffic (AADT) at over 43,000 on W. Tennessee Street at the site.

Scope of Services

DAVENPORT conducted a Transportation Impact Analysis (TIA) for this development. The analysis included traffic data collection, trip generation, Synchro analysis, signal warrant analysis, crash history review, traffic projections and report findings. Working with state and local officials to achieve an approved analysis document, DAVENPORT examined existing and future scenarios. A challenge in this study was addressing the existing conditions of the roadways in the project’s vicinity. The area currently experiences high traffic volumes and one particular offsite intersection, included in the study by FDOT, had a significant crash history. DAVENPORT had to balance the needs of this project with safety and accessibility also while resolving concerns from FDOT and the City of Tallahassee.

By conducting a detailed traffic analysis and coordinating with all involved parties, DAVENPORT was able to produce a TIA with improvement recommendations that were approved by both FDOT and the City of Tallahassee.



A developer proposed a new mixed-use, urban village off of Hendersonville Road (US 25) in Asheville, NC. The project gained its name 'Gerber Village' from the Gerber Plant previous located on the site. Gerber Village included 150,000 square feet of retail space, 65,000 square feet of office space and 300 residential town homes.

Scope of Services

The DAVENPORT team provided a traffic impact analysis (TIA) for the projected development. Turning movement counts were taken at four intersections:



The Harper Road/I-77 interchange in the City of Beckley, WV is one of the most important interchanges in the Beckley area. It is already home to significant commercial development. When the City and local developer wanted to establish a major new commercial development on Harper Road, they selected DAVENPORT to work with them through the transportation and access process. This proposed new site when developed would bring jobs and revenue to the area, however, before that could happen, the access issues had to be worked through.

Scope of Services

Initially, DAVENPORT conducted a Transportation Impact Analysis (TIA) for this mixed use commercial development. The analysis included traffic data collection, trip generation, Synchro analysis, traffic projections and report findings. Working with state and local officials to achieve an approved analysis document, DAVENPORT examined existing, proposed and phased scenarios. The DAVENPORT team was careful to consider all stakeholders when considering access scenarios and recommendations. One complicating factor for this project was the rough topography, as well as the spacing of existing intersections. In order to get a clear picture of the impact of the recommendations, DAVENPORT provided conceptual roadway design plans as part of the access negotiation process.

Because of the magnitude of this project, the study and conceptual designs were reviewed in the central office of WVDOT in Charleston. Ultimately, DAVENPORT’s recommendations were approved, and all access issues were resolved.


Kilnsea Village Transportation Engineering Services - North Charleston, SC

DAVENPORT was hired to determine potential traffic impacts and identify improvements associated with a proposed apartment and retail development along Dorchester Road. Rezoning required for the development had initially been turned down due in part to traffic related concerns. Our client was on a tight timeline to perform Due Diligence in order to move the project forward.

The DAVENPORT team worked closely with City of North Charleston to obtain all background information and ascertain elements to be covered in the study. In addition, close coordination with the South Carolina Department of Transportation was required due to a project underway to widen Parlor Drive.

Through careful coordination with the City of North Charleston and the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT), DAVENPORT was able to develop a scope of work to address the traffic related concerns. DAVENPORT was given a short time frame to accomplish the work required to meet the client’s deadline for presentation to the City Council. DAVENPORT delivered the report on time and participated in the council hearing. The report prepared proved to be a valuable asset and the project was ultimately approved.

It was very important for the access point for this project to be incorporated into SCDOT’s widening project for Parlor Drive. DAVENPORT delivered our work in a timely manner which allowed recommended improvements to be incorporated into the construction documents.

Furthermore, DAVENPORT’s analysis identified existing capacity problems at one of the study intersections resulting in the SCDOT sharing cost of the needed improvements which resulted in significant cost savings for our client.


NoDa at 27th Street - Charlotte, NC

At the request of the Charlotte Department of Transportation (CDOT), DAVENPORT performed a traffic impact analysis (TIA) for this proposed mixed use development. The proposed development was proposed for the east side of North Davidson Street between East 26th Street and East 27th Street in Charlotte, NC. This site was currently used as a warehouse and the developers applied for rezoning with the City of Charlotte. The projected development site contained 150 residential townhomes, 45,000 square feet of office space, 41,000 square feet of retail space, and a 9,000-square foot high-end restaurant. The site plan proposed four access points: one on East 26th Street; one on North Davidson; and the other two on East 27th Street. The project site was located in a pedestrian friendly metropolitan area with sidewalks.

Scope of Services

The scope of the traffic study, determined by CDOT, included six intersections that were analyzed for both existing and future conditions with variations of existing and proposed zoning, road geometry, and improvements. Once the TIA was complete, DAVENPORT negotiated with CDOT to determine what improvements would be necessary for this project.


Poyner Village - Raleigh, NC

The Poyner Village site is located on the southwest quadrant of the intersection of Sumner Boulevard and Fox Road in Raleigh, North Carolina. As planned, Poyner Village will be developed in phases and ultimately consist of 408 apartment units, 16,000 square feet of retail space, and 73,000 square feet of office space.

Scope of Services

Initially, DAVENPORT completed a transportation impact analysis (TIA) including traffic data collection and field observation; level of service and queuing analysis for existing and future conditions; multi-model level of service analysis; crash analysis. DAVENPORT identified all areas within the study roadway network that have capacity and safety issues. Recommended improvement were made to the client based on the results of the analysis. Another aspect of this project is its inclusion of pedestrian considerations to ensure that the site provided adequate accommodations. The conditional use zoning requires greater emphasis on pedestrian circulation internally and along Sumner with at least one major midblock crossing on Sumner. Therefore, DAVENPORT was able to provide both transportation improvements and pedestrian improvements to enhance the overall operation and circulation of both vehicles and pedestrians for this site.

Once the TIA process was complete, DAVENPORT was retained to provide construction documents for the offsite improvements. These included the addition of a second left turn lane from Capital Boulevard toward the site along with the associated signal modifications. This required coordination with both Raleigh DOT and NCDOT.


Jeremy Runkle, PE, MBA is selected to lead the new DAVENPORT office in Jacksonville, FL


DAVENPORT is thrilled to announce the addition of its 11th office to the Southeast! Located in Jacksonville, FL this will be the firm’s second office within the Sunshine State (in addition to Pensacola, FL). Our firm has chosen the right person for the job. Jeremy Runkle, PE, MBA will serve as the Director of the Jacksonville Regional Office. Mr. Runkle has extensive experience in the field of transportation engineering and has significant experience on notable design-driven multimillion dollar projects.


Jeremy comes to DAVENPORT with over 10 years of experience providing transportation engineering services including proficiency in roadway design, construction plans preparation, CADD, project documentation, and cost estimating. Mr. Runkle’s specialties include geometric design, intersection design, interchange design, traffic operations including signing and pavement markings, ADA compliance, and bicycle facilities, with additional experience in pavement design, drainage design, and maintenance of traffic design.


With the design expertise Jeremy brings to the firm in the greater Jacksonville area, DAVENPORT is pleased to provide its top-notch services and complete its coverage of the North Florida region. DAVENPORT is excited to bring its proven engineered success to new clients within the State of Florida and look forward to the many opportunities ahead! For more on Jeremy you can visit the Our Team page.



Edith Peters, PE, PTOE joins the DAVENPORT Team to head the Charlotte Office


DAVENPORT is pleased to announce that Edith G. Peters, PE, PTOE has joined DAVENPORT as Director of the Charlotte Regional Office. Ms. Peters has over nine years of experience in the industry, providing traffic engineering, transportation planning, and transportation design on numerous projects throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia.


For more on Edith you can visit the Our Team page. We look forward to her presence in the firm and to the many opportunities that await.