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Allen Jay Middle School - Greensboro, NC

Enka Intermediate School, TIA -Buncombe County, NC

Cabarrus County Schools Proposed Elementary School - Concord, NC

Cuthbertson Middle/High School Site - Waxhaw, NC

Dudley High School, Bluford Elementary, and Lincoln Middle Transportation Assessment - Greensboro, NC

Sun Valley Campus Master Plan - Indian Trail, NC

Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools, Motsinger Road Elementary and Middle School - Kernersville, NC

Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools, West Forsyth High School Traffic Assessment - Clemmons, NC


DAVENPORT provided transportation engineering services for this project which included renovation of an existing school campus to house Allen Jay Middle School. The existing campus had been vacant and did not meet current NCDOT standards. DAVENPORT was tasked with modifying the existing site layout to meet current NCDOT standards for stacking, modifying the parking lot to provide for bus circulation, and modifying the existing roadways to accommodate expected school traffic.

The existing campus did not provide enough available area for stacking of vehicles during drop off and pick up, presenting a challenge to the team. DAVENPORT’s staff utilized an alternative method of dual stacking to provide the necessary volume to meet the updated NCDOT standards. The existing parking lot was also not adequate to provide for safe bus circulation. Our team modified the existing parking lot to provide a circular drop-off and pick-up location. In addition, DAVENPORT’s traffic impact analysis revealed school traffic turning left onto Allen Jay Road from Fairfield Road was blocking eastbound traffic, indicating the need for an eastbound turn lane. The topography of the site and limited right-of-ways typically would have meant this would be a very costly endeavor for GCS. DAVENPORT’s team negotiated with NCDOT to minimize the lane width and storage requirements in order to avoid costly right-of-way and adjacent structure acquisition. Our ongoing relationship with NCDOT Division 7 staff was valuable in negotiating the off-site improvements.

This project is an excellent example of DAVENPORT’s ability to provide quality services in tight urban conditions with existing facilities that need to be upgraded. The school is located in a built up area surrounded by residential and commercial land uses. DAVENPORT’s team provided an invaluable design solution which minimized the off site roadway improvements while maintaining existing building.



As part of the due diligence process for a potential property purchase, Buncombe County Board of Education hired DAVENPORT to conduct a transportation engineering / traffic study.

Buncombe County Schools was considering purchasing 22 acres of land located on the northwest corner of the intersection of Sand Hill Road and Sardis Road for the purpose of building Enka Intermediate School, a proposed 850-student new facility. DAVENPORT was retained to assess the site for its ability to accommodate the anticipated school traffic. This analysis was carried out for full build conditions with the school in place.

DAVENPORT provided recommendations for the study area in order to accommodate future traffic with the school. With the recommended improvements in place, the roadways within the study area were anticipated to be able to accommodate future traffic volumes with the school. This study facilitated the decision for Buncombe County Schools and Buncombe County to purchase the subject property.

As a result, the site was purchased with the intent to build a new Enka Intermediate School. DAVENPORT’s contract includes addtional transportation engineering and analysis still to be completed once design work for the school is underway.



Cabarrus County Schools hired DAVENPORT to provide transportation engineering services for a proposed elementary school to be located at 1885 Odell School Road. The proposed school would accommodate 800-1000 students.

DAVENPORT’s scope of services included an internal circulation analysis, analysis of the school driveway and drop off/pick up zones using Synchro and Sim Traffic software, and development of recommendations to address on-site stacking, traffic circulation patterns, and pedestrian accommodations.



DAVENPORT was hired by the Union County School System to perform traffic engineering services for the Cuthbertson Middle/High School site. DAVENPORT collected traffic data at six intersections in the vicinity of the school site and analyzed them for existing conditions, future no-build conditions, and future build-out conditions. The AM and PM peaks were analyzed for these scenarios, and compared to roundabout and/or other non-signal options to address traffic issues.

Additionally, DAVENPORT analyzed the site with two full access points rather than four and considered options other than signals for comparison purposes. DAVENPORT also provided recommendations with regard to the internal layout and configuration of driveways within the school site.

DAVENPORT designed two traffic signals to serve the school site, and did a signage plan and a pavement marking plan. DAVENPORT also performed the design and implementation of traffic signal system timing plans associated with the Cuthbertson Road School Site in Union County, NC.



The multi-school campus which includes Bluford Elementary, Lincoln Middle, and Dudley High School has had traffic struggles during drop-off and pick-up for some time. The tight urban area surrounding these schools, as well as the corresponding drop-off and pick up times for the three schools made this a particularly challenging traffic problem. Lincoln Street was experiencing severe congestion. Excessive queuing on Lincoln Street was causing traffic back up into the intersection of Lincoln Street at East Lee Street and also causing unacceptably long travel times for both pick up and drop off. In addition, emergency vehicle accessibility during both arrival and dismissal peaks was a daunting task. There were no easy solutions.

Guilford County Schools (GCS) retained DAVENPORT to study the operational issues for the campus, and make recommendations for potential short- and long-term solutions. DAVENPORT’s approach to this assignment was to first observe the operations on site, with the assistance of our traffic surveillance cameras. While on site, DAVENPORT interviewed staff from each of the schools to get their assessment of the problem, as well as some of the parents and students. DAVENPORT also conducted a detailed safety review. Once the field review portion of the project was complete, DAVENPORT developed a detailed model to simulate the conditions as they happened in the field. DAVENPORT then developed several concept alternatives based on our observations and faculty/parental/student feedback. These concept alternatives were tested with the simulation model developed from our field review of the existing conditions. From this, DAVENPORT provided a report outlining several alternative solutions to GCS for their consideration. The focus of DAVENPORT’s recommendations were to enhance the safety and mobility within the school campus in terms of vehicular (including emergency vehicles), pedestrian mobility, and access to visitor parking.



DAVENPORT was hired by the Union County School System to create a master plan for the existing Sun Valley public threeschool campus in the Town of Indian Trail, NC. The Sun Valley existing campus consisted of a high school, a middle school, and an elementary school. Union County school officials wanted to add an additional elementary school to the campus (School K). The problems pertained to access points into the campus and internal traffic flow. DAVENPORT developed access alternatives for the proposed school, while improving current access conditions for the entire Sun Valley Campus.

DAVENPORT also designed a traffic signal to be located at the intersection of Rogers Road and the proposed main entrance of the Sun Valley Campus. The purpose of the traffic signal plan was to mitigate traffic impacts and establish acceptable levels of service. The scope of services included submission to NCDOT, and revisions to achieve NCDOT approval, and the development of final construction plans. School officials have implemented DAVENPORT’s recommendations and are pleased with the solutions provided.



DAVENPORT was contracted to perform transportation engineering services for a proposed Elementary and Middle School Site located at the terminus of Motsinger Road in Kernersville, NC. A traffic impact analysis was completed that identified required improvements to Motsinger Road, the intersection of Motsinger Road and Kernersville. DAVENPORT provided roadway design and traffic signal design services for offsite roadway improvements along Motsinger Road and Kernersville Road and adjacent intersections. Offsite roadway improvements included improvement to an intersection angle; design of multiple turn lanes; the widening of Motsinger Road with roadside drainage ditches; utility coordination; and the grading for a five-foot sidewalk along Motsinger Road. The plans consisted of: cover/general notes, typical sections, roadway plans, storm drainage improvements, traffic control, and pavement marking and signing. DAVENPORT also prepared a preliminary opinion of probable construction cost using current local and/or NCDOT unit costs for highway construction. The offsite roadway drawings were prepared in MicroStation file formats and submitted to the City of Winston-Salem Department of Transportation (WSDOT) and the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) Division 9: District 1 office for review and approval.

DAVENPORT facilitated a public involvement session for the impacted neighborhood and surrounding area by developing and maintaining a mailing list of the affected property owners and providing notice of the scheduled meetings. DAVENPORT prepared for and facilitated the public meeting to present the conceptual design for the roadway improvements and in addition prepared summary notes for distribution to WSDOT and NCDOT. The DAVENPORT staff interviewed and discussed current impacts with a purpose of identifying project issues and constraints foreseen by impacted property owner and shared this information with those reviewing and possibly modifying the design to develop a project consensus.



WSFCS hired DAVENPORT to review traffic flow patterns for West Forsyth High School, including two access points on Lewisville-Clemmons Road and one via Southwest School Road. DAVENPORT evaluated traffic flow at all access points and observed some queuing, capacity, and pedestrian issues at the one of the access points on Lewisville-Clemmons Road. The school had requested to dedicate a portion of its access road to the Town. However, this access road had been designed as a storage area for queuing vehicles. Dedication of the access road to the Town would have caused vehicle queuing on a public road. Additionally, any new development on the road would create additional traffic and safety issues. DAVENPORT recommended not dedicating the roadway, and recommended redistribution of the traffic and/or double stacking as potential ways to reduce the queues.


Jeremy Runkle, PE, MBA is selected to lead the new DAVENPORT office in Jacksonville, FL


DAVENPORT is thrilled to announce the addition of its 11th office to the Southeast! Located in Jacksonville, FL this will be the firm’s second office within the Sunshine State (in addition to Pensacola, FL). Our firm has chosen the right person for the job. Jeremy Runkle, PE, MBA will serve as the Director of the Jacksonville Regional Office. Mr. Runkle has extensive experience in the field of transportation engineering and has significant experience on notable design-driven multimillion dollar projects.


Jeremy comes to DAVENPORT with over 10 years of experience providing transportation engineering services including proficiency in roadway design, construction plans preparation, CADD, project documentation, and cost estimating. Mr. Runkle’s specialties include geometric design, intersection design, interchange design, traffic operations including signing and pavement markings, ADA compliance, and bicycle facilities, with additional experience in pavement design, drainage design, and maintenance of traffic design.


With the design expertise Jeremy brings to the firm in the greater Jacksonville area, DAVENPORT is pleased to provide its top-notch services and complete its coverage of the North Florida region. DAVENPORT is excited to bring its proven engineered success to new clients within the State of Florida and look forward to the many opportunities ahead! For more on Jeremy you can visit the Our Team page.



Edith Peters, PE, PTOE joins the DAVENPORT Team to head the Charlotte Office


DAVENPORT is pleased to announce that Edith G. Peters, PE, PTOE has joined DAVENPORT as Director of the Charlotte Regional Office. Ms. Peters has over nine years of experience in the industry, providing traffic engineering, transportation planning, and transportation design on numerous projects throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia.


For more on Edith you can visit the Our Team page. We look forward to her presence in the firm and to the many opportunities that await.